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Minnesota hospital’s negligence leaves man ‘totally dependent’ on others

By Restovich Braun & Associates | 10/25/2016 |

A drop from a hospital table in Minnesota caused an elderly man life-changing injuries, according to a news report.

The intention of going to a hospital or doctor’s office in Minnesota is to leave in a better condition. Every day, patients are brought in for care and provided treatment. Unfortunately, some professionals commit devastating mistakes, ranging from surgical errors to delayed diagnoses.

A recent incident during a procedure at a Fergus Falls hospital has upended a man from his home. When situations like this occur, Minnesota law does enable victims of medical negligence to seek relief.

The incident

According to WDAZ, the 78-year-old man will now have to live in a nursing home facility. He was living with a caretaker when he went to a hospital for a standard procedure. However, as the hospital staff members were repositioning him on the table, the man fell.

The fall caused nerve damage to the man’s hand. He said he went from needing minimal assistance from his caretaker to becoming totally dependent on other people. Though the man was in a wheelchair prior to the incident, he said he now feels helpless. His caretaker said he is “almost like a quadriplegic.”

To make matters worse, the man’s caretaker is no longer to tend to his needs. Therefore, he will have to leave his home and move into a nursing care facility.


The news report stated that the hospital told the man that he would not suffer a financial burden. The hospital has also issued an apology to him. However, the caretaker said the hospital has not made good on its word. She also said she is prepared to seek legal recourse.

Medical malpractice in Minnesota

In Minnesota, negligent medical professionals and facilities may be held financially responsible for the damages they cause. According to the law, claims seeking relief for medical malpractice must be filed within four years of the date of the incident. Failing to initiate a suit in that timeframe could result in a case dismissal.

In order to recover damages, a plaintiff must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • That he or she was under the care of the defendant
  • That the defendant strayed from the duty of care to the patient
  • That the deviation caused the damages incurred

Through using expert witnesses, such as a physician with a similar background in the same practice area, it is possible to demonstrate what the care should have been.

Regardless of how the negligence was committed, it is essential for someone who suffers harm due to a medical professional to seek recourse. Anyone who has concerns about this topic should speak to a personal injury attorney in Minnesota.