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Misconceptions people have after getting arrested for DUI

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Laws against drunk driving serve a noble purpose. These rules aim to keep inebriated vehicle operators from injuring or killing someone.

Although most know the risks, some get behind the wheel regardless. Legal trouble often results. Worsening detainee woes are misunderstandings that surround facing an arrest for DUI.

Myth #1: Punishment for the second DUI is the same as the first

Those dealing with an accusation of DUI are better off when they have no record of such prior behavior. The more arrests someone has, the more likely that person will face a worse punishment. Repeat offenders, for example, could endure higher bail amounts or have theirs denied.

Myth #2: Retaining a lawyer can wait

Attorneys need time to develop their arguments. Allowing a legal eagle the chance to craft a defense improves the likelihood of leniency. In Minnesota, a judge may impose fines of up to $20,000, not to mention anywhere between a month and a year behind bars. This result is typical for a first-time offender. Another possibility is the demand to install an interlock ignition device.

Myth #3: It is best to end the ordeal by pleading guilty

It can be uncomfortable bearing the psychological weight of a forthcoming trial. There may be the temptation to relieve this pressure by simply accepting the charge. Imagine discovering exonerating factors after agreeing to a conviction. Avoid this possibility by first having a professional perform an assessment.

Disabusing oneself of these fallacies helps mitigate the fallout from a DUI charge. Beware modes of thinking that could lead to unfavorable rulings.