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Minimizing The Negative Impacts Of A DUI/DWI Arrest

DUI/DWI is one of the most common types of criminal charges, and it can impact people from diverse backgrounds across the social strata. A single instance of poor decision-making can not only cause embarrassment, but it can also jeopardize your driver’s license, your career and your professional licensure. Repeat offenses carry even harsher potential consequences.

At Restovich Braun & Associates in Rochester, our DUI defense attorneys represent clients from all walks of life. Whether this is your first arrest or your fifth, we can help you navigate the legal proceedings and minimize the consequences. Our criminal defense lawyers can provide detailed and practical guidance for how to handle the many ramifications of a DUI arrest.

Protecting Your Driving Privileges

DUIs often involve alcohol — that one drink too many before hitting the road to head home. However, you can also be charged with DUI for driving under the influence of drugs or medications that impair your ability to drive safely. Our firm handles both types of cases.

Regardless of whether drugs or alcohol were involved, your driver’s license can still be affected. Depending on your circumstances, you could end up with a suspended license or even revocation of your driving privileges. Our attorneys can protect your rights in DMV proceedings as well as the underlying criminal cases. We can help you protect your license and explore options for retaining your driving privileges.

Protecting Your Professional License

In addition to jeopardizing your driver’s license, a DUI arrest can also have far-reaching implications on your career prospects and professional licensure. Our lawyers have extensive experience representing doctors, nurses, hospital administrators and other professionals who have been arrested for driving while intoxicated. We can provide thorough and discreet guidance on how to minimize the impact on your career.

Our firm also handles disciplinary proceedings for nurses who have been arrested for DUI or other crimes.

Protect Your Rights By Contacting Us Today

Following an arrest for drinking and driving or driving under the influence of drugs, it is critical to seek professional legal guidance as soon as possible. Contact Restovich Braun & Associates at 507-218-2004 to get started. Based in downtown Rochester, we serve clients throughout southern Minnesota, and we handle DUI charges nationwide.

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