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You Don’t Have To Settle For Workplace Sexual Harassment

Being sexually harassed isn’t just degrading. It can make every day a nightmare that threatens your safety, security and self-worth. Nobody should have to face a hostile work environment, but for the thousands who confront workplace harassment in Minnesota, speaking out often feels like an impossible challenge.

Rochester may be an iconic example of the classic Midwest, but when it comes to safe work environments, it’s leading the charge. The legal team at Restovich Braun & Associates has been helping point the city’s victims and employers in the right direction for more than 25 years. In that time, we’ve come to know the struggles of many who faced unimaginable trials, and we firmly believe in our mission of helping all employees exercise their rights to a harassment-free workplace.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Life can be extremely hard for harassment victims. Countless employees report actions that make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe only to be told that their harassers were only joking or that they shouldn’t take things so seriously. No matter how your superiors might try to marginalize your concerns, however, laws like the Civil Rights Act of 1964’s Title VII are clear. So are Minnesota rules prohibiting:

  • Hostile work environments where continued unwelcome actions of a sexual nature make performing your job duties impossible
  • Quid pro quo harassment incidents where supervisors base job benefits or rewards, such as promotions, on whether victims ignore their sexual misconduct or meet their demands for sexual interactions

Proving either type of sexual harassment requires you to demonstrate that the conduct would both be seen as offensive, abusive or hostile by a reasonable person and that you found it to be so. It’s also important to remember that only certain employers are subject to Title VII and that you’ll need to file a complaint under the correct laws to maximize your chances of receiving a judgment. Our compassionate employment law attorneys are always ready with the knowledge you need to make an effective claim.

Build A Stronger Case

Courts rely on numerous factors to determine the validity of your claim and decide how to respond to a complaint of sexual harassment or workplace discrimination. For instance, the nature and frequency of the misconduct are both important details. Demonstrating that the perpetrator also harassed others may help your case.

Talk to a lawyer at Restovich Braun & Associates about what happened to you — and let us tell you what can be done about it. We firmly believe that nobody should have to suffer harassment in the workplace, and we’ve got the tenacity and knowledge to help you send a strong message. Call us at 507-218-2004 or reach us online today.