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Who Should Get Custody Of Your Child?

You and your spouse or partner had some good times over the years, but now you both need to move on. How will you keep your child’s welfare from being overlooked in the upheaval? Planning a viable, legally enforceable custody arrangement may be the best way to serve their best interests faithfully.

Ending a relationship can be harder than starting one. Few Minnesotans are prepared for the emotional and mental trials they’ll encounter in the process, so the legal hurdles are the farthest things from their minds. Since 1992, the experienced family law attorneys at Restovich Braun & Associates have heard people’s deepest concerns and helped them devise smart plans for facing child custody issues with minimal hardship.

What Determines Who Gets Custody?

Child custody determinations can be an extremely stressful time for parents. The future of your children — as well as your own future — are at stake and potentially subject to the whims of a court. In Minnesota, certain critical concepts are considered by a court in determining who gets custody.

  • Best interests of the child: Courts try to do whatever benefits the child the most, so parents’ personal preferences can sometimes take a back seat
  • Physical custody: Who does a child physically reside with and depend on for their necessities?
  • Legal custody: Who has the legal right to make long-term decisions regarding the well-being of a child?
  • Visitation rights: Even if one parent has physical custody, other relatives, such as parents and grandparents, often win the right to spend time with the child via visitation arrangements

Why is talking to a family law lawyer helpful in child custody proceedings? Even if you and your divorcing spouse are in total agreement about how to share custody, you need to create a child custody agreement that the court will approve. Working with Restovich Braun & Associates can make it easier to understand the legal hoops you’ll have to jump through — and how to jump through them successfully.

Critical Custody Considerations

Courts look at a lot of information when deciding what’s in the best interests of a child. For instance, visitation and custody determinations take into account factors like the parents’ employment histories and prior incidents of abuse.

Every Rochester parent wants to do what’s best for their children, but they don’t always know how. Discover how to protect the ones you love the most. Talk to a lawyer at Restovich Braun & Associates by sending a message online or calling 507-218-2004.