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Helping People Recover From Serious Personal Injuries

The attorneys at Restovich Braun & Associates are focused on successfully helping clients obtain monetary compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, and other costs resulting from serious personal injuries.

The attorneys at Restovich Braun & Associates understand what you are going through. We are focused on successfully helping clients obtain monetary compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, and other losses resulting from serious personal injuries and wrongful death cases. You can rely on our lawyers’ compassion, skill and experience as we work hard to recover the damages you need to move forward.

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Our Personal Injury Practice Covers Many Types Of Accidents And Injuries

We are committed to helping injured people and their families recoup expenses associated with serious personal injuries. Our attorneys develop cases and preserve evidence to maximize our clients’ opportunities to recover what has wrongfully been taken from them.

While we understand that a monetary settlement can never fully compensate an individual for a serious personal injury or in the event of death, we do our best to ensure that our clients receive the highest settlement or judgment allowable under the law. Our personal injury and wrongful death claims representation includes assistance in the following circumstances:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Hazardous Conditions On Public/Private Property

  • Premises liability claims
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Homeowner liability claims
  • Dog bites

Doctor, Hospital And Long-Term Care Facility Negligence

Dangerous Work And Products

  • Farm accidents
  • Unsafe or defective products

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Commonly Asked Questions About Personal Injury Cases

What is my case worth?

Each case is unique and the amount you may recover depends on the details of your case. Generally, catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases are worth more because the losses are greater. When injuries are severe and permanent, the injured person may not be able to work, may require long-term care and may suffer from loss of enjoyment of life. Their pain and suffering may also be greater than in a less serious case. They may require compensation for the loss of their future income and benefits and for a lifetime of medical expenses. In wrongful death cases, the surviving family may recover additional compensation for funeral and burial expenses, emotional pain and suffering, and the personal loss of a loved one.

Why do I need a personal injury attorney?

Insurance companies don’t make a profit if they hand out sizable payments to injury victims. They have lawyers on staff who seek to reduce or deny payments in personal injury and wrongful death cases. You cannot fight them alone. With a team of lawyers on your side, however, you increase the chances that you will receive a fair settlement or award.

What if I can’t afford an attorney?

Personal injury and wrongful death cases are taken on contingency fees. This means that the firm will handle all expenses for you during the case. When we settle a case or win at trial, we will take our fees from the settlement or award. You pay nothing up front and nothing if we do not win compensation for you.

Will I have to go to court?

A large majority of cases settle out of court in negotiations, mediation or arbitration. Trials are a last resort when the opposition will not negotiate and refuses to offer a fair settlement. In the unlikely event that your case goes to trial, we will thoroughly prepare you for it and will be with you in the courtroom.

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