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Can a motorcycle accident lead to a coma?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents, Personal Injury |

On behalf of Restovich Braun & Associates posted in motorcycle accidents on Sunday, September 20, 2015.

When a person is involved in a motorcycle accident, a hit to the head is possible. Helmets can help to prevent head injuries if a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, but Minnesota motorcycle laws don’t require all motorcyclists to wear a helmet. That leaves some motorcyclists with the possibility of suffering from a serious head injury. In some cases, a head injury might lead to a coma.

What is a coma?

A person who isn’t conscious for a prolonged period of time is in a coma. A person in this state is still alive, but his or her brain isn’t working properly. When a person is in a coma, he or she won’t wake up when shaken or if other stimuli, such as painful stimuli, are used.

How long does a person stay in a coma?

The length of time a person stays in a coma depends on a variety of factors. In most cases, a person won’t remain in the coma for more than a few weeks. There are some instances in which a person might stay in a coma for longer.

What is the treatment for a coma?

A coma is an emergency that requires a person to be admitted into the hospital, usually in the intensive care unit. The person will get fluids, medications and nutrients through his or her IV or through a feeding tube. Some people who are in a coma require a ventilator to help them breathe because they are unable to do so on their own.

Do people fully recover after a coma?

The recovery after a coma depends on how extensive the damage to the brain was. Some people have a full recovery, but others might have severe disabilities because of the damage to the brain.

If you were in a coma after an accident that was caused by another driver, you might opt to seek compensation to help cover the costs of medical care and other care you needed while you were in the coma and during the recovery period.