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Is uncontested divorce the right choice for you?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2018 | Family Law

Minnesota couples facing the prospect of divorce know that this choice is not an easy one. It is difficult to make the decision to move forward with ending a marriage, and some couples are looking for ways to make it as easy and streamlined as possible. One way to do this is by filing for an uncontested divorce.

Uncontested divorce is not the right choice for every couple, but it could provide you and your spouse with many benefits. Before you make any important decisions that will affect your future, it is beneficial to consider all of the divorce options available to you. In any type of divorce, it is important to consider how your choices will affect your long-term interests and financial security. 

Why consider uncontested divorce? 

There are times when couples are already in agreement on most of the divorce terms even before they file. If you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse agree on most major issues, an uncontested divorce could be the right option for you. Some of the benefits of this choice include the following: 

  • It takes less time to complete an uncontested divorce, which means that it costs less than a litigated traditional divorce.
  • Because there are no remaining disputes, it can be less stressful for you, the other party and your children.
  • Uncontested divorce agreements are often more sustainable and workable well into the future because the couple drafts the agreement themselves.

Before you file for an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse will need to agree on potentially complicated issues such as property division, child custody and more. Often, couples without children and complex assets are able to choose uncontested divorce, but this is an option for any couple that wishes to simplify the divorce process

Making the right decisions for your future

Even thought you will not need to walk through the litigation process and face off in a courtroom, you can still benefit from the services of an experienced legal ally. You will need to discuss your options and draft an agreement for court approval, and you do not have to do this alone.

The end of a marriage is an emotionally challenging time for all couples, no matter what type of divorce they want. A complete evaluation of your case can be useful before you move forward with any important choices regarding your future and your children.