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Are you facing unique issues in a divorce or custody situation?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Family Law

In a perfect world, you might decide it’s time to move on in life, file for divorce, agree to a settlement and start carrying out plans for your future. In reality, life is often a lot more complex and numerous factors can cause things to become quite complicated and ‘messy’ when it comes to divorce or child custody issues.

No matter what the particular circumstances of your situation happen to be, it’s likely that you’re not alone in your struggle. Someone, somewhere has no doubt experienced something similar or, at least, just as stressful. A key to overcoming high-stress legal problems is to know where to seek support to protect your rights and your children’s best interests.

Some cases involve more than two parents

Perhaps you or your spouse have been previously married to someone else or have gained step-children when you married each other. Past relationship or blended family situations can often spark legal complications in divorce or child custody cases.

One particular case involved four adults who were battling for custody of the same child.  The child was conceived through sperm donation from one man who was in a relationship with another man. Two women also in a relationship with each other agreed to ‘share’ the child with the men, which led to a contentious court battle when their plan didn’t work out.

Surrogate situations can lead to legal problems

A woman who wanted to have a baby became pregnant through an anonymous egg donor and a sperm donation from a good friend of hers. She reportedly planned on moving to a new location to live near the friend, who agreed to support her and the child financially once the baby was born. She wound up giving birth to twins; the situation has prompted litigation.

The biological father of the babies has requested that the court rule that the children have no legal mother. He was given temporary custody of the kids after filing a restraining order against the woman who gave birth to them.

Determining a best course of action in your situation

These situations are examples of complex, stressful child custody situations that often take place in Minnesota and throughout the country. You may understandably feel overwhelmed or confused as to how to rectify a particular problem; however, by discussing your circumstances with someone well-versed in family law issues, you can protect your rights and the best interests of the child or children involved.