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What are some frequent causes of pedestrian accidents?

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2020 | Personal Injury

As a pedestrian who must sometimes cross busy streets, you may worry about being struck by a vehicle. This is a relatively common occurrence, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that nearly 6,000 people were killed in this manner during 2016. While no two accidents are the same, there are a few factors that may be common when two or more incidents are compared.

Speeding can often play a significant role in a pedestrian vs. auto accident, especially during the morning and evening commutes, when drivers are in a hurry to get to work or are thinking about what errands they need to run before they can go home for the evening. Parents who want to arrive home before their children get home from school or need to pick their kids up from daycare may also exceed the speed limit.

Distracted driving has become a serious issue and may present considerable trouble for you as a pedestrian. Drivers who text, make phone calls, eat and groom themselves behind the wheel may not notice you in a crosswalk because they have their eyes on something besides the road. Passengers can also pose a distraction to a driver, whether they are arguing, laughing or engaging in horseplay.

Aggressive drivers may be a threat to you as a pedestrian. Those who want to lead a line of cars, race against the light or pass on the wrong side can create a dangerous situation, especially if they are being openly aggressive by verbally abusing other drivers. Individuals who drive in this manner are typically less likely to obey lights and pedestrian crossings.

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