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What to do ahead of an adoption home study

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Family Law

Considering adopting a child in Missouri? Inviting a child in need to be a part of your home and family often proves tremendously rewarding, but the process involved in getting there may also prove time-consuming. At Restovich, Braun & Associates, we are well-versed in the various steps involved in becoming an adoptive parent in Missouri, and we have helped many prospective adoptive families familiarize themselves with the process and prepare for adoption home studies.

According to AdoptUSKids, the exact details of what you are going to have to do ahead of an adoption home study may vary to some extent based on the agency you choose to represent you. However, most home studies require that you make similar preparations so that an adoption agent is able to assess your home environment and get a better sense of whether it is an appropriate place for an adoptive child.

Thus, as you prepare for your home study, you should create an autobiographical statement that details your life history, profession, reason for wanting to adopt and so on. You are likely also going to have to furnish a statement of health from your doctor dictating that you have the physical ability to look after an adopted child. You may, too, want to gather references from colleagues, friends, coworkers or anyone else who may be able to attest to your parenting abilities and general temperament.

Ahead of a home visit, you should also make sure you have income statements on hand so you are able to verify you have the financial wherewithal to provide for an adoptive child. You should also gather your marriage license, if applicable, your birth certificate and those of any romantic partners or other children, and if applicable, a certified copy of your divorce decree. Visit our webpage for more information about Missouri family law.