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How do brain injuries affect your personality?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Personal Injury

Minnesota residents who end up in harmful accidents also suffer from a risk of brain injury. Injuries to the brain, neck and back are the most common among all injury types. Of brain injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) have the potential to cause the most damage.

A TBI can affect multiple parts of your life. It may impact you on a physical and emotional level, but it can even have a behavioral impact that results in personality changes.

How your brain ties to your temperament

Mayo Clinic takes a look at how brain injuries can affect different aspects of your life. You may have heard that suffering from a TBI can change your personality. In some ways, this is true. Depending on the area of your brain that suffers damage, some parts of your personality may alter.

For example, your frontal lobe is where restraint and control over oneself comes from. If your frontal lobe gets injured, you may feel more impulsive and behave in a more rash manner. You cannot control compulsion as well, and may find yourself acting out and not being able to explain why.

Changes in patience and temper

Many TBI victims also suffer from a heightened temper and lowered tolerance and patience. This can feel jarring to your loved ones, especially if you were not known to have a short temper before your injury. Again, the severity of the change depends on the severity of the injury. Many symptoms get exacerbated by the overwhelmed feeling that TBI victims often suffer from. Over time, the symptoms tend to ease, but that does not make dealing with them much easier.