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What are some struggles in a gray divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Family Law

As you age, you may find yourself contemplating divorce more often and wondering what comes next.

Gray divorces present some unique financial and emotional struggles, and it is important to keep them in mind while going through this process.

Retirement issues

According to Forbes, many older people may not anticipate divorce while saving for retirement. Alimony or legal fees from a divorce can use up a significant portion of money set aside for retirement trips or daily use.

It is also harder to recoup any large loss of money, since many retirees do not have a steady income. This may lead to a delayed retirement or needing to get a part-time job in order to avoid going into debt.

Tense family feelings

When your children are grown adults, it changes the dynamic between you both, and often leads you to confide more in them. Divorcing later in life may make your children feel as though they must choose sides or prevent the divorce from happening.

Sometimes, older adults may even need to move in with their children until they can support themselves. Since these adult children are more likely to be in a marriage and have a career, it can mean added stress in their daily lives.

Asset division worries

As you age, you accumulate more expensive and sentimental assets. Many disagreements may stem from how to divide up those assets when you both have owned them for so long. This not only extends the length of the divorce process but also adds emotional intensity to any quarrels. In the end, a judge must approve of any decision, which may help you both to avoid feeling bitter.