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How can a domestic violence charge affect my future?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Criminal Defense

A domestic violence charge can have significant and long-lasting consequences, even if you feel the underlying incident that was the basis for the charge was not really serious. If you are facing a criminal charge related to domestic violence, it is important to know what is at stake. 

Here are some of the ways in which a domestic violence charge can negatively impact you. 

Criminal sentencing

The most severe consequence of a charge that results in a conviction is criminal sentencing. You may have to serve jail time or be on probation for an extended period. 

Criminal record

A domestic violence conviction will be a matter of public record for 15 years. An individual who does a background search on you will have access to the information. A prospective employer who checks your criminal record may choose to not hire you. 

Protective order

A charge for domestic violence could give rise to the issuance of a protective order. If an order states that you cannot come within a certain distance of an individual with whom you are living, you will have to leave your home. 

Custody and visitation rights

If you and the person who has accused you of domestic violence have children together, a conviction could harm your parental rights. You may be unable to have custody or unsupervised visitation with your children. 

Ultimately, it is imperative that you do everything reasonably possible to prepare yourself in advance of a criminal hearing. An unfavorable result could affect your family life and work life for years to come.