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Do criminal charges affect your health care career?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2021 | Criminal Defense

As a healthcare professional, you understand the importance of having all the facts before making a decision. When it comes to navigating a criminal arrest and your career, you may find yourself in new territory.

Healthcare is a profession that allows workers access to the public at their most vulnerable. You are privy to private and sensitive information. As such, a criminal record may have a serious impact on your career. Discover what may happen after an arrest and the process through which you may find yourself going through to continue your healthcare career.

Disclosing arrests versus convictions

An arrest record may not prevent you from either entering the healthcare field or continuing in it. When the police arrest you, it does not mean you have a criminal record. If the prosecutor files charges, you may have to disclose these to your employer. However, you may not need to reveal anything that does not result in a conviction. This goes for current and future employers.

Understanding the severity of charges

If you face charges, they will fall into either a misdemeanor or felony. A felony charge may result in an immediate suspension of your license if you are a nurse or doctor. This does not mean you will lose it, and you may have to also go before the state licensing board while you await your criminal proceeding. The medical board may act on felony charges concerning drugs or violent offenses. If a court acquits you, you may petition to get your job back.

You have dedicated your life to the service of others. If you find yourself in trouble with the law, however, you may see that slip away. Understanding the charges against you and how the board will view them is essential to getting through the process.