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3 things you should never do during a domestic abuse case

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Domestic abuse convictions affect your reputation with family, friends and coworkers. It is essential to understand what you should and should not do if you receive a domestic abuse allegation.

According to Minnesota Statutes 609.2242, any action against a family member that causes fear, inflicts harm or intends harm falls under the qualification of domestic assault. A second conviction for domestic assault within 10 years results in up to one year in prison. If you face domestic assault charges, continue reading for three mistakes you should avoid.

1. Never reach out to the accuser

Contacting the victim is always a mistake. You risk incriminating yourself and violating an Order of Protection. Reaching out to the accuser only risks additional charges against you.

2. Never discuss your case

The support of loved ones is vital for domestic assault cases; however, you should not disclose the details of your case to anyone besides an attorney. Anyone you know is a potential witness who can testify against you. Telling someone you know about the case harms your defense and puts your loved ones in a difficult situation.

3. Never post on social media

Finally, never air out your grievances on social media. Even if you intend to paint a positive picture about yourself, you should avoid social media at all costs. It probably is a good idea to shut down all your accounts until after the trial concludes.

Charges of domestic violence might have life-long effects. You must put yourself in the best possible situation to avoid a conviction. Be thoughtful about your public profile, and keep the details of your case to yourself.