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Watch out for motorcycles on the road this summer

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

As the weather warms up, you will see more and more motorcycles on the road.

Unfortunately, that means the risk of severe accidents increases. Consider some common causes of collisions with riders so you can avoid them.

Where to look for motorcyclists

Most motorcycle accidents occur at intersections and on freeways. Low visibility and inattentive drivers can result in severe, even deadly accidents. Places to look for motorcycles on the road include:

  • Making a left turn across an intersection
  • Riding in a parallel lane
  • In front of you at a red light or stop sign

Before you change lanes, check all your mirrors. Motorcycles can easily hide in blind spots. For that reason, sideswipes and collisions at left-hand turns are the most common types of motorcycle accidents.

What to do if you get in an accident with a motorcyclist

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, the first step is to check everyone for injuries and contact first responders. Then report the accident to the police. If you suffered an injury, even a minor one, seek medical attention immediately to ensure you have a record of your injuries. Report all injuries and symptoms to the doctor.

Minnesota is a no-fault auto insurance state, meaning your own car insurance pays for certain losses following an accident. If you are at fault for a crash with a motorcycle, you may be responsible for the damages.

As always, remaining alert and abiding by traffic laws is the best way to stay safe on the road.