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Teen drivers and distracted driving: a dangerous combination

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2023 | Car Accidents

Getting a driver’s license is commonly a thrilling and fantastic achievement for teens, but it comes with challenges that they may not realize at first. One big problem is when new drivers, who are still learning the ropes, also have to deal with serious distractions.

This combination can be dangerous for those often on the road, as well as less experienced young drivers who are only just beginning their journeys.

Knowledge and experience

Teens are eager to be independent, and getting a driver’s license is a big part of that. However, because they are new to driving, they face challenges that many other drivers do not have to worry about as much.

New drivers can make mistakes, not realize how risky a situation is and struggle to make quick decisions. This lack of experience makes them more likely to be in accidents, especially when distractions come into play.

Variety of distractions

Distracted driving is a big problem today. People love phones and gadgets, but they can be risky on the road. Smartphones, in-car entertainment and social media notifications make it hard for drivers to focus. For teens who are still learning to drive, these distractions can be even more dangerous.

Texting and driving

One of the riskiest distractions is texting while driving. When a person sends or reads a text, they need to look at their phone, use their hands and think about what they are doing all at the same time, which makes accidents much more likely. Teens, 84% of whom have their own phones as of 2019, find it tough to resist the urge to check them and type out a text while driving.


To deal with teen drivers and distracted driving, further education is important. Driver education programs should teach about distractions and give practical tips on staying focused. Parents play a big role as well. Talking openly, setting clear rules and being good examples can help teens develop safe driving habits.

The mix of teen drivers and distractions is risky for everyone on the road. Individuals need to focus on education and ways to prevent distractions to make sure new drivers stay safe. If they do not face this problem, younger drivers could be the cause of serious accidents.