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Car accident injuries demand swift and firm action

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2016 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

On behalf of Restovich Braun & Associates posted in car accidents on Friday, March 18, 2016. 

Car accidents that are caused by negligent drivers can lead to serious injuries for innocent people. These negligent drivers might have been distracted, driving too fast or driving in a reckless manner. If you are struck by a negligent driver, you should know that you have the right to seek compensation from that driver. We can help you to explore the process and help you plan out your steps.

After the accident, your primary focus should be getting the medical care that you need. Not only is this vital for your health, it is also an important step in your claim for compensation. When you are seeking compensation, you must be able to show that your injuries occurred because of the accident. Seeking medical care immediately after the accident can be the evidence that shows the connection.

Once you have the initial medical care you need, you should decide if you are going to seek compensation. If you decide that you are going to seek compensation for medical bills and other accident-related damages, you will need to take action quickly. Each state, including Minnesota, has legal time limits that must be adhered to when seeking compensation. If you miss that time limit, you won’t be able to file your claim.

We can work with you to investigate your case. We can help you put the case together so that you can seek compensation. As the case moves forward, we will help you understand your options and the impacts of those options so that you can make decisions based on that knowledge.