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Our Rochester Car Accident Lawyers Help Minnesota Families

Accidents on the road happen with little to no warning, but they can change lives forever when they result in catastrophic injuries. As you consider your options, you are likely hoping you can find a trusted advocate who will focus on your needs and your rights during this difficult time.

At Restovich Braun & Associates, our focus is on you and your family after a car accident. We are focused on successfully helping you obtain the monetary compensation you deserve for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, and other costs associated with the car accident.

Injured In A Car Crash? Know Your Rights.
We have the answers to questions about car accidents and personal injury compensation.

Looking Out For Your Interests After A Car Accident

You are not responsible for the injuries you have suffered, and you should not be left alone to fight the insurance companies. Our Rochester personal injury lawyers will fight for your rights and be your strongest advocate every step of the way. No matter what happened, your own insurance carrier must pay the first $20,000 of your medical expenses, and we will make sure it happens and that you have the best care possible as you recover from your injuries.

The insurance company will do everything possible to save that $20,000 and may even try telling you that no-fault coverage is not binding. This is wrong, and we will make sure you are treated fairly. What’s in it for us? Nothing. This is about you, and we will not take any portion of this no-fault coverage that we obtain for you. We view it as our obligation to represent you to the best of our ability.

Speak With An Attorney, Not An Insurance Representative

You purchase insurance with the belief that the insurance provider will pay the full value of your claim when you need help. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Insurance companies have one priority: Protecting their bottom line. As for-profit companies, money will always come before the well-being of policyholders.

A representative for your insurance company will contact you soon after the accident to get a statement. Do not speak to them until you have a personal injury attorney. This is why:

  • Claims adjusters have tricks to get you to admit fault.
  • They use these tricks to minimize the value of your claim.
  • This could permanently reduce the compensation you can collect.

Instead of speaking with an insurance rep, hire a lawyer. Your attorney can protect your rights and prevent the insurer from taking advantage of you. They can also communicate back and forth with the insurance company and other parties so you do not have to.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accident Claims

At Restovich Braun & Associates, we have the experience to help you navigate a complex car accident case, and we know how important it is for you to have as much information about this legal process as possible. The more you know, the easier it is to pursue the full compensation you deserve. With that in mind, here are some of the questions our firm sees most often:

How Long Is This Going To Take?

This will depend on the specifics of your car accident case and whether the insurance companies are willing to cooperate, and they often are not. While a trial could take months if settlement negotiations do not result in an optimal offer, we can take steps early on to make sure that you receive the medical treatment you need and get the $20,000 of no-fault coverage your own insurance company owes you.

What Is The Process Like?

It is understandable that you are apprehensive about the idea of going before a jury or being deposed by the insurance company’s lawyers. As we pursue your personal injury claim, we will make sure you are prepared for every step in the process and seek to minimize your exposure to the legal proceedings so you can focus on your recovery.

Do I Need A Lawyer For My Car Accident Claim?

You do not need a lawyer, but we highly recommend it. The insurance company will have many lawyers, all highly motivated to work against your interests. Without counsel on your side, your settlement or jury award will likely not be what it could be. This would leave you without the full compensation you need to cover your medical expenses, lost earnings and other ongoing damages.

We will put in the investigative work and hold the insurance company’s feet to the fire at all phases of your case to make sure you receive the best possible outcome.

How soon after a car accident should I file a claim?

The statute of limitations for car accident claims is six years in Minnesota. However, it is usually best to start the process far sooner, as you gather medical evidence of your injuries and other costs.

How are car accident lawyers paid in a personal injury claim like this?

Lawyers are paid through contingency fees. There is no upfront cost, but the lawyers take a percentage of the compensation that is awarded. The legal team only gets paid when they win your case and secure compensation.

What should I bring to my first meeting with a car accident attorney?

Some paperwork can be helpful at an initial consultation, even when it is not mandatory. It can help to bring your insurance paperwork, the accident report, repair estimates and pictures or other evidence from the scene.

Can you tell me the monetary amount that my case will settle for?

No, every case is unique. For instance, some injured parties miss time at work and need to seek compensation for lost wages, while others do not. Even when lost wages are a factor, there are differences in how long the employee will be out of work or how much they earn when they are on the clock. Plus, the medical costs for each injury can be vastly different depending on the severity and a multitude of other factors. Our experienced team will help you look into your options and work to maximize your compensation.

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We will also pursue the full compensation you are entitled to from the insurance company of the at-fault driver. Whether you were hurt by a drunk driver, a reckless driver or a distracted driver, we will make sure they are held accountable for their negligence.

Timing is a critical component of maximizing personal injury compensation. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident, contact us online or call 507-218-2004 today for a free consultation with an attorney.