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Is it abuse when your spouse turns your children against you?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | Family Law

Going through a divorce is a challenging and emotional process. It is even more difficult when you and your spouse have children together.

Sometimes, bad feelings between spouses can create a situation where one parent knowingly or accidentally turns the children against the other parent.

Types of parental alienation

Your spouse may want you to have a good relationship with your children but makes mistakes when interacting with them. Your co-parent may:

  • Offer too much information about the divorce to your young children
  • Relay negative feelings about you to them
  • Lash out at you in front of them

However, if your spouse is actively trying to destroy your relationship with your children, you may need legal advice regarding stopping this behavior.

Signs of parental alienation

Alienating children from a parent can be emotional abuse. It can also be a critical issue when the Minnesota courts determine your custody arrangement. If you suspect your co-parent is trying to harm your relationship with your family, look for the following behaviors:

  • Your child has petty reasons for being angry with you
  • Your child always sides with your spouse in every situation
  • Your children deny they have had positive experiences with you in the past
  • Your little ones repeat things they hear without understanding the meaning
  • Your children are hostile toward your extended family and friends
  • Your child only sees negative things in you but feels your spouse can do no wrong
  • Your children do not feel any guilt for spiteful behavior toward you

When parental alienation continues, it can not only harm your relationship with your children but also damage their mental health. It is essential to stop this type of behavior as soon as possible, ensuring healthier family relationships and promoting your children’s best interests.