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Hit-and-run in Detroit Lakes kills man

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2019 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

No one in Rochester wants to be involved in a car accident (let alone be the one deemed responsible for it). Yet that does not change the legal responsibility people have to remain at the scene of any crash that they are involved in. The law often recognizes that auto accidents are just that; thus, those who cause them (provided that their actions do not display a degree of recklessness) may often escape any harsh criminal penalties. Yet if one chooses to flee the scene of an accident, they open themselves up to even further criminal and civil scrutiny. 

Hit-and-run cases the produce injuries (or even fatalities) can often result in serious criminal charges. That is likely what awaits the driver who recently fled the scene of an accident in Detroit Lakes. Law enforcement officials are enlisting the assistance of the public in finding the driver of a Mercury Marquis that struck the operator of a utility vehicle. The operator was rushed to a local hospital for treatment, yet he ended up dying from his injuries. 

Along with the need to share information with both authorities and other accident victims, people involved in collisions have the responsibility to remain at the scene in order to render aid if it is needed. While it is not expected that they perform life-saving interventions on other accident victims, they are required to help as much as they reasonably can to ensure that the results of an accident are not compounded. 

Some might think that in a hit-and-run accident, people must wait for criminal proceedings to play out before they can initiate legal action. That is not the case. Anyone needing to seek compensation following such an accident may wish to secure the services of an experienced attorney.