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Helping You Make Your Wills And Trusts Do What They’re Intended To Do

You want to shape a legacy that supports your loved ones. You’re well-aware that the future is impossible to predict, but you think you’ve chosen the right estate vehicle for the job. The real question is whether your will or trust is actually as capable as you’ve assumed.

Planning for tomorrow is important no matter who you are. Thanks to Minnesota’s high standards of living, people here value the customs they’ve worked hard to enjoy. Naturally, they want to pass on similar opportunities to others. At Restovich Braun & Associates, our estate planning team is honored to be included in the same friendly spirit of camaraderie that defines the communities we serve. Our attorneys have been helping people approach uncertainty with measured legal knowledge and informed perspectives on estate planning since 1992.

Understanding Common Estate Documents

Estate planning is the process of enacting formal legal mechanisms, such as wills and trusts, that ensure your assets make it to your intended inheritors after you die. There are many different ways to create a viable estate plan. Your choice should reflect factors like how you want to provide for your loved ones and what kinds of tax obligations these beneficiaries might face. Some common estate planning structures include:

  • Wills that are written by the testator, or person creating the estate, designating how they want their properties to be split at the time of their death
  • Trusts where legal ownership of such properties are turned over to an impartial third party that’s tasked with distributing pursuant to the testator’s wishes

People commonly create wills or trusts with similar intents in mind, but the distinct nature of these tools grants them different capabilities and makes it imperative to choose the right option. Although the nuances can be confusing to the uninitiated, the dedicated attorneys at Restovich Braun & Associates have the hands-on experience to guide you toward an estate planning strategy that suits your needs.

Why Should You Engage In Estate Planning?

There’s no telling how events might pan out after you’re gone. Your relatives might get into a costly court dispute over who should receive what or even challenge whether you made your estate plans in a sound mental state. Or, the government might step in and chip away at your loved ones’ inheritance by imposing taxes and awarding judgments to creditors.

For insightful advice and estate planning that does what you intend it to do, contact the lawyers at Restovich Braun & Associates for information about how you can leave your beneficiaries in a good place. Leverage our 25-year track record by emailing us here or calling 507-218-2004. From our office in Rochester, we help people throughout southeastern Minnesota.