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Helping Dog Bite Victims Bite Back

A good dog owner understands the privilege and duty that comes with providing a dog with a home and taking care of its needs. Part of the responsibility is making sure that a dog is not placing the public at risk due to aggressive behavior.

Unfortunately, not all dog owners are good and not all dog owners care about the safety of others. When dog owners act irresponsibly and expose the public to dangerous dogs, innocent people can suffer lifelong injuries such as scarring and disfigurement.

Have you been harmed by a negligent dog owner? If so, you do not have to bear the burden of an animal attack on your own. A premises liability attorney from Restovich Braun & Associates in Rochester can inform you of your rights and pursue the maximum compensation available for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost earnings, counseling and other damages.

Locating And Obtaining Dog Bite Compensation

Once it is determined that a dog owner failed to take appropriate measures to protect the public from his or her dog, the next step is determining what insurance coverage is available for the victim.

These cases primarily involve homeowners insurance policies. We will pursue all available compensation in order to make sure that you have the resources you will need now and in the future to deal with long-term injuries such as scarring, disfigurement and psychological injuries. For young children, a dog bite can mean a lifetime of complications and trauma, and we will not be satisfied until justice has been served.

It will cost you nothing to learn about your rights and how we can help you. Contact us online or call 507-218-2004 today for a free consultation with a lawyer. We represent dog bite injury survivors in Rochester and throughout southern Minnesota.