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Preserving Your Property For Your Financial Future

When facing divorce, one of the most stressful aspects for many couples is the division of property. Between navigating Minnesota’s laws, providing for your family and worrying about your financial future, property division can quickly become complex. You need an attorney you can rely on to guide you through the process and to aggressively pursue your fair share of the property.

The divorce attorneys at Restovich Braun & Associates have been assisting clients in the Rochester area for more than 25 years. We know how emotionally difficult family law cases can be, and we will be your steady hand to help you make the best choices possible at each stage of the process. In addition, we are proven litigators who will aggressively pursue your best interest and ensure that your ex-spouse is not able to hide assets from you.

Understanding Property Division In Minnesota

The first step in property division is to identify which property is considered marital property and thus available for division in the divorce. Typically, marital property includes any asset that the couple acquired during the marriage. Next, each item needs to be properly valued.

Minnesota is an equitable distribution state, which means that a judge will determine a fair distribution of marital assets based on a variety of factors, such as:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Sources of income and occupations of each spouse
  • Vocational skills and earning ability of each spouse
  • The health of each spouse
  • Prior marriages

In certain situations, the judge may consider spousal maintenance based on the assets available. Because the decision relies on the discretion of the judge, the attorney you choose can make a big difference. We have years of experience and a long history of obtaining favorable results for our clients.

Skilled Lawyers For High-Asset Property Division Cases

Property division becomes an even more crucial aspect of a divorce for couples with complex assets, such as business interests, multiple real estate investments or professional practices. Proper valuation of these assets often requires professionals such as business valuation experts, accountants and financial professionals.

At Restovich Braun & Associates, we have extensive experience helping clients with complex, high-asset property division. In addition, our experience with business law gives us the unique insight to help business owners divide assets and ensure their business continues to run smoothly.

Learn How Our Attorneys Can Help

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