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Proven Appellate Attorneys For Minnesota Family Law Appeals

Do you believe the decision in your divorce trial or contested custody case was unfair? You cannot appeal just because you were unhappy with the outcome, but you may have recourse if you were denied justice because of judicial errors or incompetent legal representation at trial.

The attorneys of Restovich Braun & Associates have a good track record with family law appeals. We can gauge whether you have grounds to appeal an adverse ruling to hopefully achieve better results. Our Rochester law firm handles appellate cases in southeast Minnesota and statewide.

Understanding The Appeals Process

Family law appeals are complex and challenging. Your attorney needs both a thorough understanding of Minnesota family law and a thorough knowledge of appellate law. We perform a comprehensive review of the original case to determine if an appeal is possible. We must prove that you were denied a fair trial. Grounds for appeal might include:

  • Error by the trial court judge (misapplying the law, wrongly excluding evidence)
  • Incorrect decision based on the facts presented
  • False testimony or undisclosed bias of a witness
  • Ineffective assistance of your original lawyer

An appeal is a review of a final order issued by the court, such as a ruling on custody or visitation, alimony or child support, or an aspect of property division in divorce. Appeals do not include new testimony or evidence. They are based solely on the trial record, including any motions or hearings leading up to the final order. If the appeal is successful, the appellate court can reverse the lower court’s ruling or send the case back for a new trial.

Creative And Experienced Guidance For Appeals

Our legal team takes on the most difficult cases and finds novel legal strategies. We excel at written appellate briefs as well as oral arguments. Restovich Braun & Associates has nearly 30 years of experience in family law and appellate law, including cases before the Minnesota Court of Appeals, Minnesota Supreme Court and the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Talk To An Appeals Lawyer Now

You have a limited time frame to file an appeal of a family court ruling. Once that deadline passes, you forfeit your right to challenge an adverse outcome. Our attorneys can determine if you have grounds and make sure that your appeals are filed on time. It is tough to overturn a case, but we will diligently prepare and present the strongest case possible.

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